Thigh High Grunge Boots (Commercial Use)

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From scratch Grunge Boots with custom black and white textures. Extra topology was left in the Grunge Boots in case you choose to further optimize them. They are fitted to Sezzy's edit of Lex's base. They come in normal standing pose. This is for commercial use so feel free to resell on completed avatars. Please do not redistribute the Grunge Boots by itself. I hope you enjoy it.

*****Grunge Boots Specs*****

- 39.3k Tris

- 1 material

- 4k Custom textures: Base, Metallic, Normal and Roughness

-Black and White Colors

- FBX file


  1. Commercial Use will give you rights to resell the items purchased on completed avatars.
  2. Not for use on free avatars.
  3. Do not resell on its own.
  4. Make sure to credit me NippNipp#0001 and the associated Gumroad link for the item.
  5. Do no post for free or nitro anywhere.


I want this!
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Thigh High Grunge Boots (Commercial Use)

14 ratings
I want this!